Winner Winner

Dear J-

Well, I had my day in court yesterday and got the ticket dismissed, I’m sure in no small part due to the coaching I received from the other conductors on the train, so thanks: it worked. I showed I had the monthly pass the preceding month, and that I renewed the pass later that afternoon, and so the clear intent — to maintain my pass — was demonstrated, even though the judge said we would not be hearing arguments at the arraignment. I like to also think I was pretty low-hanging fruit compared with all the various traffic offenses on parade (red light, speeding and traffic sign violations for the most part) as our court (possibly like most — it’s been my first experience being on that side of the bench) gives you the “right” to have your offenses read out loud.

I’m glad I didn’t go with my first instinct to dress down in shorts. The deputy serving as bailiff was either drunk on his own small power or cynical enough to have seen it all already, give us dire warnings about proper conduct and keeping order over a fairly subdued crowd. I was intrigued to see the presence of a couple of translators so that some could understand the infractions being read aloud as well as their options; it’s a good sign of a progressive court, I think. What else? Obviously I have no complaints about the way things were resolved. I think I ate too much salt yesterday (let’s see … spam at lunch, salt bomb of a burrito, prepackaged foods for dinner … no wonder my mouth is this dry). I crashed out after lunch in the library, in fact — I’m still not sure how I got through some more case runs but there is a peculiar grace, perhaps, for me.

Aside from all that it was pleasant working close to home. I walked back from the library and nabbed the boy from his daycare on the way back; we chanced on a city bus and so we took it for a couple of blocks just to say that we did, cutting probably little time and effort off our actual commute but still excitedly jazzed to board the bus. There are documents I still owe other people, though, so I might as well settle those once I get in, not thinking what might be needed or having given it much thought even in the past couple of days which I’m sure was one of the other wise decisions I’ve made this week. Ignore, distract, aside. Win? Probably not.



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