Triple Play

Dear J-

Snazzy, snappy words pattering over the speaker and a thousand other delights from joy to shivering dread as lights run by the window, each color just slightly off from the next in a kaleidoscopic riot. Our whistle blares its three-toned challenge to each intersection we pass through — we haven’t reached the elevated sections of Belmont and San Carlos yet — and every new mile brings a sort of drunken headlong rush: did you see that sign? What foot traffic can you spot? We focus in on the words and worlds inside our phones; where do the lights lead us on next?

When we were in San Diego I suspect our friends and neighbors thought we were hippies, choosing to walk around the neighborhood when possible. Our particular district wasn’t particularly suited for it, but we did have a few good choices for restaurants less than half an hour away. Here there’s at least two families who pick up their kids from daycare on bikes and it makes me itchy to pick up a family/cargo bike, despite the expense and probable low likelihood that they’re going to want to keep riding on it within a year or two. Peer pressure? There are other rewards for being green, but I’ve wanted one of those bikes since we were in San Diego, so I guess that’s not anything different.

We have a fair amount saved up but we need to sock away more of it, I think; the little drips and drabs that I throw regular money away on doesn’t seem to accumulate too much dust, but then I look at the menagerie of photo-optical glass that lines the shelves and I realize that there are larger problems at work here. If your entertainment consists of … shopping, then I’m not sure what you should be doing instead besides the obvious: evaluate if that’s what you really need to be doing, and whether or not it’s what you need, or just what you want. Breaker-breaker?



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