Currents of Future

Dear J-

Let’s play if I can again, all right? If I can get through dinner without yelling, then I can get through bedtime. If I can get through bedtime without yelling, then I can get through an entire day. If the whole day, then the rest of the week, and so forth into infinity, because it doesn’t appear to do anything, honestly. They’re going to keep getting up from bed and running around as long as we let them numb down with screen time for hours just prior to bed. There are a lot of different other activities (hi, bikes) we could be participating in while the day stretches so long into the evenings and why we choose to not is strictly due to laziness. We have the whole day apart so why are we spending the evenings compartmented away from each other?

Let’s consider going to the park tonight, especially if theVet gets called out again. I’m glad she gets to help people out and I understand why the hours are so irregular and don’t overlap with the rest of our schedules (our family time is other people’s family time, which is when they would need housecalls). I just have to step up and say that this is far more important than keeping track of the various lenses for sale on eBay or grooming my virtual airline (latest project is to deliver passengers and cargo to a football final in Rio de Janiero; they do try to be fairly topical) and that much is undeniable. Tired kids are sleepy kids. TV and YouTube kids are hyper kids, and we pay for that convenience with hours into the night.

I should consider this in the context of penny wise and pound foolish; it’s something I used to point out in everyone else, but it’s always easy enough to complain and criticize when you’re not involved in making something yourself. What investments into the future have you made in sacrifice of the present? It’s hard to see the future clearly, but this is not like investing: past performance is a pretty good indicator of future returns. If I don’t know these kids by now then maybe I should reconsider what I do know in other areas of current practice.


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