Full House

Dear J-

for half a minute I felt the flare of resentment this weekend — it would be nice if you could help me with them for once, I suppose — but it went away and I was able to keep it from reappearing: instead of feeling like I had nothing, or that this was a chore, you move on with your life and get over your pity party. So yeah. We just did that, and we survived. The kids and I got on just fine. Let’s do this? Let’s go there? I feel badly for my niece and nephew, who have been dragged around on the various social engagements my parents keep, but that’s what summer in San Jose means. I’m surprised the letdown from Magic Mountain to Sweet Tomatoes hasn’t been more vocal, but they are good kids and I suppose my own have given me reason to suspect the crazy reactions instead.

What else? It was warm this weekend; we spent a fair amount of time shuttling between San Mateo and points south — Palo Alto, San Jose, Fremont. One in particular: we left San Jose and its 90F (33C) heat behind and the kids napped in the car; when I opened the door in San Mateo the temperature had dropped precipitously, to the point where they woke up from the cold breeze and I felt somewhat more invigorated, or at least less sticky. We really should spend some time in the City if feeling cool is the goal: I don’t think they crested 80F (26C) this weekend at any point and of course you’ve always got the breezes blowing through.

Our weekend finished with a birthday party up in the hills of San Mateo in a beautiful mid-century modern Eichler complete with floor-to-ceiling glass looking out on a private backyard (I sound like a real estate agent, huh?) that would be priced well out of our league at any point in the last thirty years. I’m struck by the tale of two San Mateos, let alone two Bay Areas, where you have the urban hub and actual city, radiating out in waves of suburbs. The further you get from the bayfront, the density relaxes and you’re left with palatial estates (Hillsborough!) or places that remind me of the rim-clinging developments in Clairemont Mesa. I remember being convinced that was what I needed when we were looking for a house: size,and utility dominating all other considerations, but I’ve since been pleased to learn we can live in more modest circumstances, so long as we live together.


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