Both Ends

Dear J-

There is the unknown unknown and then the dread unknown of the nebulous future, a world without plans and contingencies. This is where we find ourselves at times, fighting our way through a world where the last minute of the day isn’t scheduled and activities are sometimes left to as-you-can-find-it. This wouldn’t be an issue if your kids were not easily bored, but perhaps the issue isn’t so much that as it is our default turtling into letting the kids soak up as much screen time as they can stand after dinner. That leaves then nervous and restless and irritable, to say nothing of how we are at the end of another sleepless evening.

figgy started a weeklong summer camp in Hillsborough, which is a city that borders San Mateo to the west (with hills, as it were). I felt like I should apologize for the momentary hit in home prices they must have experienced when I drove into town. There are city ordinances prescribing minimum lot and home size, and other ordinances which make businesses not too welcome, so the whole place is a bedroom community filled with mansions and unapologetically so; what I could see of the houses were magnificent, but I don’t think they’re going to get many trick-or-treaters with no sidewalks and few street lamps. We’re unlikely to ever be rich enough to afford that in any case.

I suppose that makes it more realistic, this experience; we’ve got things we can’t get, despite what they told you as a kid, you’re not going to be amazing and exceptional in everything. Okay. I think we can work with that. What you choose to be has nothing to do with what you own, though, right? On the other hand you worry about the opportunities you’re able to supply, but you do what you can and don’t worry too much if it doesn’t work out. Instead of enumerating why we can’t, let’s see if we can, though. Can we … save some money? I know I can, I just need to prove it to myself. Drama.



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