Free Time

Dear J-

It gets to be a busy day on the train early, or maybe that’s just how it feels. At least once I get up and out of the house I get to interact with people for a little while, then back to solitary on the bike and office for another few hours. I think it works out pretty well, and my anxiety over getting places late is much less, too. Right. Now I just need to know how I’m supposed to be running back and forth tomorrow, which will involve a different kind of busy with the boy. As much as I endorse public transit it’s not always the easiest to deal with if you have to carry stuff, or with kids; on the other hand, you need to find a way to make it work, because millions of other people do.

What if we? How about if? I’ve read somewhere the main physical advantage of humans is endurance rather than strength or teeth or nails or claws; properly trained we can run down just about any animal to exhaustion and subsequently eat it (hello, Swiss Family Robinson!). On the other hand we’re adaptable and mutable to fit our environments, like many other organisms, so if the situation calls for it, we can work it out. theVet has an veterinarian’s conference in the City today, extending over the weekend and part of next week, so rather than take the car in she’s using the subway [BART] at approximately a third of the cost of parking and the stress of finding parking.

There’s seemingly thousands of miles of track and transit lines here so why not take advantage of them? The beauty is you could feasibly replace your car with a bike here, and especially if you’re going between two fixed points on a daily basis, assuming you can spare the extra time. Time is money after all. Spend enough time shedding the notion that you have to drive there and you’ll see it works out for the best. Or something like that. We’ve (as a nation) invested heavily in the myth that we need our freedom and independence on others; the rite of passage of a driver’s license is sometimes seen as an inalienable right. But maybe it’s not what it seems.



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