Future Fair

Dear J-

We went to the San Mateo County Fair yesterday; it runs for a week (not a month, like at Del Mar) and wasn’t terribly crowded by 11, but the crowds kept piling in and by the time we left near 4, it had gotten going pretty well, and the heat was pretty incredible. I’d guess it was as warm as it ever gets here but I haven’t lived a complete year here yet. Witless speculation, mind you. We kept seeking out sugary drinks and ices to keep ourselves cooled, and in the end I had probably too many, between sneaking bites off the kids’ and getting my own when the heat grew too terrific. It’s a fair; when else are you going to get the chance to eat quite so terribly?

Oh, and there were the pants too. I was carrying the boy on my shoulders and bent down to let him hit the button to cross the street: R-R-R-I-I-P. Maybe it’s not what I think it was. Maybe that draft behind me isn’t a draft. We had nothing else to change into, and I wasn’t about to head home after securing nice parking, so that was that: I moved a bag around to sort of conceal it and we went on, me providing a half moon at the fair. The presence of which did nothing to cool me later; we spent what felt like hours in the sun and I hope the kids are reminded of this later in life when they have kids of their own in tow while wending their way around other hot venues. It’s June and there’s no relief in sight. What do we do going forward?

I suppose the point of the fair is to find wickedly bad stuff to eat and rides to ride; there were more kids with wristbands than I would have thought (at $30 per, unlimited rides never seemed like a great prospect, but who am I to say, and the fair is, after all, only one time a year). We spent approximately the same amount on admission and ride tickets as we did on lunch, but I think those proportions will shift in coming years as they get old and large enough to go on these rides on their own. We may separate; we may even find our way apart which is part of growing up and yet the very thought frightens me to no end, even as it becomes more natural. I can see the future, and I’m surprised. I’m most surprised with how relatively relaxed I am with it.



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