Eat and Study

Dear J-

A clearer picture seems to emerge the longer we conduct these studies. Or perhaps it just becomes more nebulous. What did you wish for, again? Fame and everlasting fortune? Unfortunately you’re not likely to get either, and only for observing a phenomenon without further trying to understand the science behind it. This is life, I suppose: no reward without work, no joy without some sorrow, balance in all things. The background chatter increases to the point until you’re stuck listening to it instead of concentrating on the task at hand; this is why I favor using headphones at work as much as I can, as often as I can.

Sometimes I wonder if listening to the sticky-sweet pop music I favor has done nothing but rot my brains, though. Are brains akin to teeth in this way? I think I did my best work yesterday while listening to banda, which is a holdover from riding in cars in San Diego, but thank you to Los Tigres del Norte for focusing my view, regardless.

Drive away, drive along. The later into the week it seems the later the nights; last night I spent thinking about the problem of wear at various depths and it feels like we’re worrying the meat off the bone without actually understanding how the body is put together; there’s something more fundamental and elegant that I worry I’m missing, but for now we’re interested in eating and not so much anatomy. This all feels quite important, though perhaps it is my regular sense of self-importance that’s driving it, not any particular worth or value to industry. Better yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this has already been studied to death, though I suppose I should look up some of my old colleagues to find out for sure. Do I have colleagues? It would be nice to think so.



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