Dear J-

I didn’t get nearly as much work done this weekend as I’d planned on doing, but we also spent a significant amount of time out of the house as well; Saturday … I can hardly remember Saturday now; we went to the City and spent time at the Walt Disney Family Museum. They were having a special exhibit of Mary Faber art, who did a lot of the conceptual modeling for It’s a Small World and other similar things: sort of the Disney I remember from growing up, so perhaps that’s the target audience, the forty-ish set with young teens in tow. We had a fairly long drive to get there, nearly all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, and we got to experience that end of it too: are we there yet, classical endearments of the children.

Sunday we spent shuttling between major cities; I met friends for breakfast and parents for lunch. Afterwards we caught a movie (downtown Redwood City, an impressive theater, quite imposing) and then spent dinner together, eating out again. I may need to let out my pants. The movie was one I hadn’t been looking forward to watching (as father to a three and seven year old, we watch every single animated movie there is, and I’m thinking this must have been easier when there was only one every two years, not one every two months), so true to form I promptly fell asleep as soon as I sat down, but when I did wake up, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Legends of Oz was pretty musical, in fact, and I liked most of the songs.

Yesterday we walked over to Coyote Point and CuriOdyssey from our house, which was closer than I thought (thirty or forty minutes’ leisurely walk) and the kids impressed me with how much of it they walked themselves. The boy is certainly articulate enough to explain that he’s crapped his pants but not quite ready to know he should do it on the toilet instead. We’ll keep working on it, but who knows, he’ll probably just have one of these sudden breakthroughs that shock us with how sudden it happens, like how naps have become, like for his sister, deadly poison to bedtime and regular somnolence. That’s our weekend nutshell. How was yours?


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