Reminders Remember

Dear J-

Communications, I realize, is a two-way street. For what it’s worth I’ve not always been conscious of that, and for me to complain about people not responding to what I write is the very height of hypocrisy, but it doesn’t stop me. No receipt of acknowledgement. Wow. Did it go? Did it get rejected by the spam filter? I know my email address is out floating in the wild, as I typed up several SNES manuals (especially for the RPGs) almost fifteen years ago now, and each of them gave me credit at the end, which I almost want to retract now, given the number of emails I get (although, to be honest, the spam filter takes care of many of them) purporting to increase my ‘stamina’ or ‘size.’ How can a pill target one relatively undifferentiated part of the body?

My mind is moving pretty slowly today. Remember this: the sooner you put together a quick presentation, the better off you’ll be. Make something simple. Remember your audience (there’s that communications thought again) and adjust accordingly. Then there’s the other writeup you need to do, and let’s try to be clear and concise. There’s a lot of writeup that can be recycled, and I should take a look to see if there’s any more motion on that front, as far as the eye can see. Maybe. Maybe not. I think the reason I’m stuck in low gear this morning has to do with the lack of sleep from Tuesday night, when I thought that an hour of game playing turned into two. You can’t keep burning both ends of the candle.

Well, I can’t, at any rate. I shouldn’t. I think what’s going to end up happening is representative of what’s happening in general: low-rise, low-density buildings replaced, although I must say I do love the views as you pass thorough Redwood City and … what was I talking about again? Communications, staying on topic perhaps. We keep moving forward, at least slowly if not permanently.

If you think about it, you’ll see places that remind you of your favorites everywhere. We went to the beach at Mission Bay once, and I remember looking up at the blue sky framed with palm trees and light clouds and remembering Hawaii; here I look at the stretch between Redwood City and Menlo Park stations to remind myself of Japan, specifically the stretch between the JR West Nishinomiya station and Koshien Stadium. Our density comes in different forms but are no less impressive or invalid.


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