My Line

Dear J-

At some point you have to begin. So last night it seemed like a good idea after having worked pretty steadily through the day at home (you might get a lot done, but you’re also going to be working for a long time, assuming you have any semblance of self-discipline) to keep playing my game of Blue Dragon and … yeah. It was well after midnight that I crawled back into bed and rued the extra hours taken off my sleep. Last time I told you about how my day is divided up into fractions on fractions and today I’m feeling it, or at least I’m remembering why I don’t do these things during the work week. Any extra fraction gets taken directly off the top.

Blue Dragon is the first Japanese RPG I’ve played in … well, does Yakuza count? Or perhaps Bumpy Trot / Steambot Chronicles? That was a genre I couldn’t get enough of ever since leaving grad school and discovering the joys of an emulated Final Fantasy II, maybe until the grind that was Dragon Quest VII (action: proceed to next town. Grind until you have enough money to buy the upgraded weapons and armor. Repeat.); I’m still not convinced that I ever finished that game after playing it for nearly a hundred and fifty hours. At least Blue Dragon isn’t going to last that long, although the story is, from what I can tell, fairly straightforward; there appears to be no last-minute redemptions of unlikeable characters and, critically, no choices that lead to losing favorites either.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing with my ‘free’ time and if anyone asks, I have been working at least reasonably hard on all the things that come together this Friday. More writing today, perhaps, and more struggling to understand how the choices I make are directly related to the amount of stress and pain I have on that day. It all manages to work and hang together, though. Life and living, rhyme and reason. I keep thinking the first week in June is going to be absurdly busy but I don’t know exactly why or if I’m going to be going on a trip during that time. I am, aren’t I? I think so, at least. Stay sane at least. I have a credit limit and I’m not afraid to use it.



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