Keep Towards Happy

Dear J-

Today is better than yesterday. And tomorrow will be even better yet. How do you know? You can read it in the portents and stars. Plus ‘better’ is one of those horribly unspecific adjectives that you could twist to mean just about anything. Seriously, though? I have my own set of superstitions based on no particular original significance. When I’m riding to the train station in the morning I have my choice of routes, one of which I’ve marked ‘vanilla’ in my head (Monte Diablo to Delaware/Dwight to Howard to California Ave and the Burlingame station) and if I get stopped at the stoplights for long, that’s one sign. How early I get up. The stress of not being able to find where the drain clean-out is for the house (might be under the house, I suspect). Seeing the Kabuki Palace Night Club sign before I pass it or after I pass it — that’s usually a good binary state indicator of the day I’m going to have.

Signs and portents. None of these make any sense, random or implied. There is no reason to believe that seeing a sign I know exactly where in my commute can make or break a day, and I’m trying to get over that when I can, as I can. I am the guy who doesn’t like stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, thirty-five years after learning it could break backs. Or this: can’t watch sports, can’t possibly watch teams in the playoffs unless you enjoy watching them lose. Ridiculous. The moon smiles down upon it all, thinking there can’t be anything else more ridiculous. Of course, you could also crank up the ridiculous by noting the company you keep, or try to at least. There’s a lot of replies I need to write, I’m telling you.

Better days are when … and here’s there’s many criteria to consider. I get all my work done? No. I get all my emails out. On time. The obligation here is to be prompt and efficient, thinking that there can’t be too much obligation in a culture that lets you eat ice cream for breakfast on the train (good for you, sir! Scratch that, ice cream and PIE.) Better days are reserved for finding the joy back into your life and making it stick; there’s too many other reasons to frown, so why not, right? Why not? Keep on running, preferably forward but whichever way takes you happier.




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