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Dear J-

We have — er, make that I have a lot of work to do this week, and not a ton of confidence I can finish all of it. Revise a QA program (funny, that: I declined the job at GA in part because I didn’t want to be in charge of the QA program), run a QA analysis (which oh by the way I need to get that project going as a QA analysis) and rewrite a report which is looking more like the little red hen all the time (who wants to create this new chart? not me! not me! not me!). So yeah, busy and at the same time not well motivated, either. There’s always going to be a lot to do, but the trick is in how you manage your time. At the moment instead of tackling them one at a time like I should I’m going to kick and thrash and probably miss out on all three.

We got keychains in high school with a big vinyl key on the end declaring the key to success is self-discipline. i understand that to some point; if it was easy I’d have all this done earlier, but I’m not going to wait until the last minute, right? First this, then that. No one wants to hear the complaints, because they aren’t going to accomplish anything. Lots left to accomplish. Put your head down and grind. i get the feeling that nothing I do is going to be soon enough, though. Thursday. When did it become Thursday already? What’s so hard about this, anyway? Do the work.

The longer you spend fretting about what needs to be done the less time you have to actually … do … the … work. I have distractions, too; I’ve become comfortable, and I can keep running simulations and training myself ad infinitum going forward. That may be important but what I really need is to suppress the impulse to (squirrel!) be so distracted by everything. is this available? What’s next? What if we tried it slightly differently? I’m approximately a week late and well out of touch on a lot of things, unfortunately.Doesn’t matter. Get over it. This stuff happens and the measure is how you react, what it makes you do or how well you hold up instead.



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