Not About Cats

Dear J-

The cases theVet gets are interesting — I’ve told you that she’s started a business in conjunction with a national firm to provide in-home euthanasia services — yesterday there were two appointments, one a dog that had a nasty biting habit and the other a cat who had reached the seemingly superannuated age of twenty and what’s most remarkable to me is that seemingly elderly cat of twenty (twenty! amazing!) is not that much older than ours, who are now fifteen and sixteen. I’m always amazed that we haven’t otherwise had any real challenges (oh geez, now you’ve gone and jinxed it) in their care, either.

I chalk it up to a pretty good regimen of preventive care fostered by theVet, who keeps an eye on them as the days grow longer.

Wow. My allergies are terrible this morning, even with allergy pills coursing through my system.

Anyhow. The preventive care. Yes. those cats have it pretty good, I tell you, lazy days in the sunshine and food coming down from the kitchen counter regularly. So far the kids have been pretty respectful and so they don’t go running off in terror every time there’s more kids arriving to run up and pet them; they accept that fate with a fairly calm sense of self.

My guess? If I had to judge I’d say twenty is not as far as I think. They are pretty happy cats, I think. And … yeah, I’m not feeling this today. What am I saying, or trying to say, or even writing? Cats?

Allergies, instead, how about that? These allergies are kicking my butt. Redwood City; if you’re riding the train south from the City you have a pleasant view of shops and little buildings until you get to Redwood City and the behemoth CVS/Safeway shopping center; from then on it’s the backside of apartments for you at least as far as Sunnyvale and probably beyond. Ticket checks. Remember to have your ticket in hand on Tuesdays if you ride the 102 train, because the guy who does the ticket checks will write you up instantaneously. Cats. Sheesh.



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