Donut Box

Dear J-

Just as an update from yesterday I ended up chickening out and getting off the train at California Avenue, not Palo Alto/University Ave, so yesterday’s grand total was around thirteen or fourteen miles bicycled, and I got to the office less than half an hour later than usual. On the other hand I was exhausted for most of the day (even after getting home) so either I have to do this more regularly or not at all; my legs are not as sore, perhaps, as they could be considering how far and how fast. We’ll be loyal scouts, they whisper, with only a hint of knee achiness telling me I really need to lift my saddle up some more.I also need to figure out a good way to rig donuts onto my rack before I get off the train here today.

I remember the last time I brought in donuts the more senior guys at the office said how much they missed having this tradition of bringing them to work and so I waited for a change … and waited … and waited … and no one brings them in. It’s okay. I know how busy it is in the mornings, and you might not have the time and effort to spend, but heck, be the change you want to happen. I like donuts. Therefore, I bring donuts in. Simple, neh? And if no one else follows your lead, that’s okay too; you do these things not so much so that you get free donuts but because it’s a nice thing to make happen at work, especially on a Friday.

I will add this for the day: where we were nearly packed yesterday, today there are even fewer bikes than usual. I’m not sure if that’s a rash of people who overdid it yesterday, like me or just Friday traffic. Whatever. Friday is fun and I’m glad to have the time off. Um, with crazy kids over the weekend. Possibly alone, if the last weekend was any indication. Hey, can we keep going to work this … ah, it’s not like that. Another donut and I think my perspective will be improved quite a bit. That’s the magic of bringing donuts in: everyone is happier, giver and receiver. Try it some time, even if yours is not a donut workplace.


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