Playing Favorites

Dear J-

On my flickr account I keep a separate set for the favorites of the pictures I’ve posted, which is separate from the favorites I make (the “starred” pictures) from other flickr users. It’s one of those things I’ve set aside to keep myself reasonably sane, given there’s now just more than fourteen thousand pictures on the site, more than I can keep track of. I ran into this because of a separate effort I have, to use geofences to maintain privacy while geotagging all of my photos (all but four hundred or so — and many of those are the ‘Children of 9066’ set). Anyhow, the point is this: I used to periodically scroll through my pictures and pick some out to add to that set, maybe every few months or so. The las time I checked to add was apparently back in November 2012.

This is not a coincidence, I fear. That was about the same time I started traveling for work more (a month in Canada!) and then after that came the plant shutdown and … yeah. Now I’m relatively stable again and I wonder if this is the sort of thing I’m going to keep doing, if I’m able to sustain the effort it takes to post regularly and keep a reasonable schedule (at the moment I’m back on the post-every-weekend blitz but a picture a day, at least, that isn’t going to cripple me, is it?). Maybe it’s weird to have favorites of the pictures you take — I wouldn’t post the pictures if they didn’t appeal to me in some way — but it serves more as a distilled version of all the photos, the highlights album, if you will.

There is a lot (a LOT) going on still. Yesterday I had my camera with me most of the day and didn’t get a chance to take many pictures; I didn’t even bother to pop the card in to see what they were like before turning in for the night (I’ve been losing sleep to a video game the past week or so, which is not a positive trend, by the way). Yes, it is important to practice your craft every day, but not, probably, at the expense of burning out and posting the same picture or situation over and over again, which is what I saw when mining my history for favorites (I pulled twelve photos out from that period, November 2012 through the move in September 2013, and of that three were from the very day of the move when I was feeling unusually elegiac, seeing a giant pile of stuff outside the house to be given or thrown away, so no, there wasn’t much to talk about). My life has changed since then, for better and worse — perhaps in this aspect for the worse, but in many other ways better. We will sustain.


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