Simple Lesson

Dear J-

In all the opening lines I had to write the clunkiest one ever just now I fear. That’s life. I can live with that. I’m thinking about the SONGS diaspora today; the people scattered from the plant to the four corners, it seems: Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, South Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, even as far afield as the United Arab Emirates. I’ve been comparatively lucky (lazy) enough to move within California and even then just to a place I’ve wanted to live. This is how life works; you go where it calls you, but still I wonder sometimes about what I would have done as a career employee of SCE, had I been afforded the chance.

I suppose that’s not fair. I could have stayed on if I had wanted; there would have been a spot at the plant, let alone within the greater group of Edison as a whole. It was my choice to leave and my choice to voluntarily separate. So who can say with any real authority what might have happened; the fates are not real, and predicting the future with any real certainty is a statistical nightmare of managing variables without end, assuming trends that are not trends. I like to think that I would have done well but the signs of complacency were already setting in. At the moment the analyses that I’m doing are new, but what happens when I want to change them or propose something different?

One of the easiest things to do is make numbers march in easy measure all the way around a spreadsheet, it keeps you busy and lets you ignore the world almost completely. What I do need to do is fight the complacency by learning something new, or at least trying something different every day; the longer I spend doing the same things the less satisfied I become. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? There are a thousand busy things to keep us moving but only a few that we really need to stay interested in the task at hand. Preserve that and we’ll get along fine.



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