Sky Blue

Dear J-

I like to say that we have a walk-in closet. For those who haven’t been (which is most of the world) our house is three bedrooms, one (full) bath with a one-car attached garage; approximately 1200 square feet (that’s, uh, 130 square meters, give or take?) and the very thought of walk-in closets and huge living spaces is enough to make you choke. They are all literally walk-in closets in that there is just enough room to walk in and shut the door behind you (a trick I’ve used when going to bed late and needing to get dressed) but not by a long stretch of the word are we living in any kind of mansion. Attitude.

theVet has been to at least one of figgy’s friends’s house, up in the hills heading west, which I guess to be an Eichler of some sort. On the other hand we’re down on the tidal flats and the living breathing bay is a brisk five-minute walk away; I wouldn’t trade any of the hills or glass walls for that. It’s what we could afford, and we’ve been lucky, sandwiched in the margin between sea and sky, not just our location in particular but San Mateo and the Bay Area in general. We have what feels like a thousand ways to get from here to there whether you want to go local or freeway or public transit or shank’s mare and that’s incredible, these options, too. You have route options and I like to keep mine diverse as I bike between station, home and work.

As the weather gets nicer we have had a lot more riders here which I have somewhat mixed feelings regarding. While I’m glad for the company I can’t help but feel the same smug sense of superiority that I think is endemic to bicyclists in general; hey, here we are doing our bit for the planet and staying fit besides, and, as the proverbial army line goes, all before 6AM. That attitude is the gatekeeper, and no one appointed me boss of that, which is faintly ridiculous too; who cares if anyone else figures out the secret to life is attitude and riding your bike in the dark? Life is short; we should all enjoy what we have and what we’re dealt, unless you want things to drag out interminably.



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