Stasis Field

Dear J-

I have any manner of fantastic ideas in the evenings that seem to disappear by the time I sit down in the mornings; I suppose I really should be more discriminate in my creative interpretation of data, since I don’t even know what I’m about to say most of the time. Like now. Right. Let’s try again.

Did I tell you theVet has started her business/subcontracting job of being a mobile vet specializing in at-home euthanasias? This has led to all sorts of inappropriate jokes about how you would solicit business but I’m surprised by the reception she’s gotten. She is hooked up with a national service who handles the advertising and contact, which obligates a 30% cut in exchange for not having to maintain a website or central operator system to screen calls, or … you know, it’s a pretty valuable opportunity, I guess you’d say. She started this week and has had two housecalls and at least one phone call a day, sometimes balking at the cost.

I had pretty mixed feelings about this initially but we’re making it work; our roles have changed up a little bit and I’m not getting quite as much sleep as before (I really should be more disciplined in getting off the couch at night and heading on in to bed) but it’s been a pretty easy transition so far. The work is important and beneficial, but to me the money is secondary to her happiness. As long as she continues to feel the gratitude from her clients and gets to interact with adults on a regular basis It’s going to keep being the best decision she’s made. There are a lot of hassles in every life but I think the life of a vet is a lot different from the inside than you perceive from the outside, and this has been a good fit for her.

So yes. Had we stayed in San Diego we probably would have been doing the same things over and over again. The house would have been just as cluttered, if not more, and the kids would have stayed on in their respective situations (we’d probably have seen a lot more birthdays, I’d judge). theVet would probably still be doing what she was — spelling in for a few relief days per month at the same clinic where she had her first job out of school despite a change in leadership. Stasis. And maybe ten years from now we’ll be in a new kind of stasis field, holding progress and change to a minimum. Perhaps there will be a spark.

I like change. A LOT more.



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