Weak On

Dear J-

There’s a lot of things I don’t want to be doing at the moment, going to work being the least among them. I brought my laptop home with the finest of intentions to start working and writing but in the end it proved more intent than action. That’s how it goes. Friday I had an excuse, Saturday we were both wrecked by the end of the day, and Sunday … well … I dunno. It’s Sunday night; why ruin that with extra work if you don’t have to? I can already feel myself slipping into the lazy habits of before, so I’ll have to be vigilant to stay away from suspicious men and accounting ledgers. There are a thousand things that may go wrong if you only let them, so let’s instead be of good cheer and happiness.

And work. And write. And write and write and work. I am only one of a thousand other people heading off to work and there’s nothing particularly unique about the insights I can bring to bear on the issues, so what else should we be worried about? If I’m worried about the reception, then I have to work on what I can control, namely the writing and the content. If you’re not planning on being technically rigorous then you might as well go home already. The sense of urgency is balanced against a sense of unreadiness and panic, so there’s that. Here’s looking at you, kid. Life leaps forward with a steady lope, marching to time’s irreversible beat. Make the hours in between count.

We got free admission to a museum yesterday — and perhaps as they planned, we did drop some additional money (kids’ admissions and a snack at the cafe) — so there are fun things to be had while we are able, and the kids have a chance to run around and play; the preponderance of hands-on museums in the area is a boon. There are a few more we have yet to explore, but we’ll get to them when we can: our social calendar on the weekends is absolutely packed (relatively speaking) and the simple fun we had in San Diego — walking to the library, and then on to lunch — seem distant now, though in some spartan ideal of time-killing, a paragon of budgeting. This is what slows Mondays down: pleasant thoughts of how much we were able to fill Saturday and Sunday, rather than shifting gears to the week ahead.



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