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Dear J-

I need to let it go. Whenever there’s something wrong with the computers or some sort of technology I feel a sense of personal betrayal and … c’mon, that’s just silly. Right? Right? The power went out sometime last night and our router is now redirecting all enquiries to its administration page and of course I’ve forgotten the password I had to reset when it was set up so many months ago (less than three). So there’s that. By my count I’ve spent a staggering amount of time just trying to get things working (five minutes) so obviously it’s time to panic and feel a sense of personal betrayal for not foreseeing this issue and being able to resolve it just like that. Let it go.

All right. That resolved, let’s talk about today. Working. Me. It doesn’t count as work unless you’re actually working; merely showing up does not mean you’re working. There’s a lot to do still and not an absurd amount of time to handle it, so why can’t you just keep pounding away at it until it’s done? Simple enough. Spend enough time worrying about how to do it but get it done regardless. I have a computer and I can use it. I think. I appreciate good IT folks when they’re helpful and I don’t have to deal with those things on my own all the time. I’m not patient enough to be a device administrator; once it’s working I don’t want to tweak it to make it work better, I just want it to keep going. Let it go.

Truth is they say the first step to solving the problem is recognizing it. I acknowledge I have no patience for stuff that doesn’t work when you plug it in, which really makes me a poor candidate for technology going forward. If there’s no knob to tune it, no hard switch to turn it on, no startup/activation sequence I have to respond to, it’s not likely to keep being used. I had the Sony version of the Chumby in the old house: after a while, it started dropping flickr photos: whether that was because of flickr or the un-updated Chumby software, I never bothered to work around it, try to fix it, or update the Chumby itself, which drove me nuts: I’d regularly try to switch over to that channel, only to leave in frustration and rage when it didn’t work, expectedly. Patience is a virtue. If small things can frustrate me then I’m no bigger than them.



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