Fun City

Dear J-

I’ve watched a couple of regular riders disappear since I started riding the train. There was the guy who gave me a whole bunch of two-dollar bills once (his mom gave him train fare in cash, and that’s all they had on hand, I guess) and there was the other guy who rode an unfortunately-named sharp-looking bike (“Thruster 700”), black and red and white. I’m not sure if it’s the nature of the job (itinerant, temporary construction projects and/or contract work) or just that this is too early for most jobs to start, but that’s the way of it. There’s others I see every day and I bet wonder where I am when I walk and ride in a different car waiting for the rain to pass.

There’s a lot of different things at play here. It’s Friday, so we have the weekend to look forward to/endure, depending on how you see it. I wonder if we should go someplace indoors, as the weather programs are all predicting disaster from the sky, but I’ll have to see what’s available and what we need. So much of what I do revolves around the rain that I know I’ve got to make myself impervious — or at least indifferent — one of these days, which means toting along a towel and a rain cape. Of all the junk that I’ve been spending money on (shopping on eBay as a proxy for going to the thrift and pawn shops is an expensive proposition) a rain cape hasn’t been in the mix because, frankly, it hasn’t rained much this year.

It will rain again. Mostly, though, it will remain as perfect as the Bay Area can offer, and the two towns I spend most of my time in — Sunnyvale and San Mateo — will be pretty close. Close enough for government work. When I get weather alerts on my phone (weather alerts! on the phone!) I check them out but they seem to offer such mundane warnings as watch out for high winds or it might freeze … in the mountains. Periods of stability punctuated by not-really-extreme warnings makes for a pretty idyllic life. So it’s Friday and there will be plenty of fun in the offering tomorrow.



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