Tuesday Morning, 5:25 AM

Dear J-

It’s Tuesday, the day of the week when you realize you still have a whole week ahead of you, practically, and though it feels like a lot of time to get what you need done, it’s not, not really, at least. You find out, walking in, that what you did yesterday doesn’t necessarily translate well into today, so how’d that work out for you? You feel lucky? Better yet, do you feel inspired? There’s a lot to be said for having enough time to feel unhurried and not rushed on your way in for the mornings. I’ve been thinking about how to graphically present issues and I’ve decided the best way is also the easiest: don’t get fancy yet.

Simple, right? Not too fancy. Easy now, hush love hush. If I can understand it, everyone can, right? We hope so. If you take on the voice of the books you read lately my writing has been infected with the ghostwritten Clive Cussler novels (“A novel of the ___ Files”) and John Grisham. I picked up another intoxicating novel from Michael Chabon from the library (Telegraph Avenue, which feels like a West Coast Updike epic, although that simple summary sells both Chabon and Updike short) so hopefully I’ll get a little more sophistication here soon. theVet said and I’ve heard that no one wants to be bad at their job, so let’s talk about last Friday.

What do I learn from that meeting at EPRI? Unhappy client, requirements not understood, we’re under contract true but it seems far more grudging now than it did, so yeah, I guess the first thing is to review the proposal to see what we promised we could do for him. The how and what, that’s our job, but understanding the why has to be mutually agreed between the client and us. The model is a bit strange but being a consulting engineer is a little like being in a law firm, which may be why I’ve been avidly pursuing Grisham books — we bill, we have clients, although on a greatly smaller scale than what the law pays, I suppose. Ultimately, though, we’re dependent on repeat business and satisfied clients, and the rest will take care of itself.



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