Perpetually Unready

Dear J-

The answer to the question “are you ready to …” by the end of the week is probably no, no matter what you’re asking. It takes a lot of effort and by the end of the week it’s not there any more. No. Just no. Review this paper? Come up with screening criteria? Drive a boat through that hole in the plot? It’s enough to be here today, at least for now. Let’s not push our luck and pretend we know anything more than that. Based on sample size alone we aren’t ready for that. Precisely. Accurately. See, I’m not even ready for this, am I? Let the whispering wind hurry by on your way out. That’s the way, that’s the way to make it.

Part of me is a little nervous to deal with an unhappy client today; I suppose that if I didn’t have unhappy clients, I wouldn’t have any clients at all. Now that I understand the requirements better I think I know how to proceed, but now I just need to get some flash of insight, or mine the data harder in some insightful way, and … I dunno. Do I have that in me? Is it that simple? I suppose, if you have a simple mind. I sometimes think the data we have doesn’t necessarily support the resolution we need, but there’s ways around that if I just put my mind to it, right?

Instead of pounding your head into the wall for hours on end I know I can think laterally around it. Instead of frustration leading to exhaustion there’s other things that could and need to be done, so let’s tackle those first. Think through, go slow, steady progress is better than punctuated motion. On the other hand a staccato touch goes well with some pieces of music, so come back, occasionally, to see if anything is moving better, faster or smarter. That’s the way to make it. There’s enough other things to be done first.



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