Active Voice

Dear J-

I love the whispering steel wheels on my way south; we are moving ever faster now, pushing past what we normally stop and feeling the legs stretch out in a happy grin. The wind is a bit active this morning so we let it go against our motion, now a bit brisk, now resistant and it’s hard to restate just how lucky we are. When I woke up this morning the temperature was something more like summer than winter and the sky held threatening clouds, though just far enough away that they wouldn’t arrive before I did. Grand palaces line suburban streets the further I travel and I wonder if someday but never mind the noise whispering that things need to be better: how could they be?

We are falling into the same complacent habits of before: I know we can’t have boxes and junk piled up in the middle of the living room all week but if it’s been like that for long enough you start to overlook things, which is a terrible trend indeed. Let’s amend that: I am starting to fall into complacency again. I don’t want to be but here I am doing nothing in particular about it all day (and night) long. It’s easier to not do things, though that is probably a false impression given by years of laziness and general over-satisfaction with myself. There’s enough to pick up around the house without adding to the pile, right?

Fate has us riding the rails, though paying for that privilege and thinking we got a bargain out of it: it’s still substantially cheaper to drive and find parking in the City than to deal with the half-hour walk to and from the train station. So, by the week one way, virtuous or not: these values are self-assigned and subject to perception error; by the weekend another, although it’s not a bad thing to incorporate more walking and activity into our lives, is it? Perhaps next weekend is when we will actually do the hiking that I keep kicking around in my head, though I honestly don’t think it’s feasible unless I start encouraging more active participation from everyone.



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