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Dear J-

Once again there’s a huge sense of displacement: twenty-four hours ago I was sitting down to the last lecture 2500 miles away and now here I am back to the same routine, more or less. The urgency of these things has fallen by the wayside, even as I pretend to be back and hale and hearty: it was a rough overnight flight, with a fair amount of turbulence and the lady next to me playing an inadvertent game of footsie as we both tried to sleep. I’m not sure why I ever justify the middle seat except as a cost-saving measure, as there’s just no upsides: trapped by the aisle, reclined into, space invaded, no armrests (c’mon, they should make that a law: if you have to deal with the middle seat, at least you get both armrests).

The kid in the window seat is headed off to Seoul in a few hours from now (good luck, 22A!) and wanted to know what he could do in the City to kill a few hours. He said he wanted to try to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and I flashed back to my walk from Suma Beach to the Akashi Bridge — this would have taken longer and I wish him luck; he’d be coming up on the bridge now if he followed the transit directions: samTrans to BART to MUNI, 397-Yellow Line-28 to Fort Mason. I’m finding I spend more time actually talking with my neighbors and that makes it a lot easier to spend five hours cheek to jowl and foot to foot.

Fly on, flyer. It’s fun to travel and if I’d been more adventurous (instead of wanting only to kill time and catch up on my Netflix queue: Shrek the Musical, Blackfish, King of Beggars and Smoke Signals) perhaps I could have gotten out to see more of the sights. On the other hand I spent two weeks in Charlotte two years ago and I think I hit every green space I wanted to at the time, and though perhaps there might have been more, I’m not sure that late winter is the right time for traipsing around in the dark. But for me the best part was hitting the stop cord at the right time to get out at Tilton and El Camino, knowing I still had a walk but one to look forward to getting ever closer back home.



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