I Never

Dear J-

I’ve been traveling and consequently haven’t been updating as I should, but I wanted to note at least two I nevers I scratched off my list today.

I never went to a NASCAR circuit before. I never ate waffles at a Waffle House before.

There are opportunities all around us to do things we haven’t tried before, either because the time wasn’t right or the chance never came, so if now you can, what are you waiting for? I look forward to these trips sometimes because of the I nevers you can kill and these are pretty small and petty, but there’s been big ones before, and I’m sure I’ll attack them again soon.

I was thinking the other day how there’s probably some books in my list that I’ll never get to before I die and that was weirdly depressing until I realized the time I spent worrying about that could have been trying, despite. Even though I never before, it’s not too late to start. Let’s try.



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