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Dear J-

The question, as always, is what do you want to work on today? There’s plenty to do now and I can’t say that any of it has been particularly fruitful thus far but that’s how these things go at times. You can’t give up if you don’t find new ways of visualizing data in one go, and you certainly can’t pretend that what you’re seeing has no particular relevance. It’s discouraging to have things not pan out but you keep going. It’s not a rejection of what you’ve been doing, even if it might feel like it at times. There is a different way of looking at it. The different way will wait for you to chase it.

I find that as I acquire more lenses I’m gravitating more towards the 35-85mm equivalent focal length range (that’s a 60 to 30 or so degree field of view on the diagonal), with a decided bias towards the lower end if possible. Sometimes by deliberately distorting the view it’s fun to get way up-close with kids but at the moment all I have available are manual focus lenses which aren’t always the most extreme after adaptation. I’m okay with that. Distorting the world tends to make you think in terms of how to harness that distortion to make a truer view and you might as well start with the incontrovertible truth first.

If that even makes sense; I have my doubts most days. Nothing too crazy or extreme. It’s all just a way to mark time until the end of the day some days. Perhaps first you have to believe in why what you’re doing is important and incredible: then you preach the gospel to the converted to confirm and finally you spread the word. Yeah, I know it sounds like a cult religion but that’s how religion works. The why is very important to your personal philosophy and if it becomes something you adopt then of course you’re going to be declaring why often and loudly.



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