Why Not

Dear J-

One thing they don’t tell you in … I … yeah, not sure where I’m going with that. I know there’s a thousand things I should be getting interested in but for now I’m content to put my head down and work on what comes my way. On the other hand I know what a burden it is to assign work to someone else and I know I need to start getting some initiative and drive to do things on my own. Either you choose to be spoon fed or you learn to eat, right? Geez, I really have no idea what I’m doing today, do I?

The flight, hotel and training are all booked and now I just need to arrange for a car, although I’m not pleased with the speed (or lack thereof) of getting a credit card issued — I’m responsible for all costs up front, to be reimbursed by the company later but the initial outlay is not always cheap. I remarked that being named assistant QA manager is a direct result of having been through that procurement engineering world: it’s a gift that keeps giving, I suppose, but like everything else I’ve done for a career it’s something I’ve tried to include and learn from. It’s funny how the skills you learn on the job stay with you, and you’d better be picking up new skills all the time or otherwise you get as complacent as I’ve been.

Come to think of it, even Worldcom has been valuable experience: learn to lead and provide tutelage, how to talk on the phone, making friends at work. In Street Fighter II there’s a victory line that goes something like “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance” — it’s a mistranslation that had people looking for this mysterious character Sheng Long when it’s actually referring to Ryu’s dragon punch. Eventually, in one of the sequels, Capcom did go ahead and insert a new character … Sheng Long. What you believe can have a profound effect on the world, and so in the face of why you should consider why not as well.



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