Loop Around

Dear J-

I’m on the wrong car heading south but it’s okay. When I got to Burlingame this morning a fellow rider approached me and asked if this train was headed to Sunnyvale; I replied that it was and he seemed satisfied until later, when the train whistle was blowing to tell us it was nearly at the station, he asked if he could buy a ticket on the train … and yes … but no. Plus I had no idea where the ticket machines were at this station so on a hunch we jogged north to find the lone machine on the southbound platform, gave it enough cash, and jogged over to the now-arriving train 102 (which is running Nippon Sharyo cars but I didn’t bother to check which engine number).

As we’re hurrying to the stop I wondered to myself what I was hurrying for, given that I don’t necessarily have to be at work at the same time every day but then it hit me that this guy wouldn’t have shown up when he did if he wasn’t counting on the first train. There’s something in particular about that first train of the day, whether it be the quiet nature, the uncrowded-ness (I read the ridership survey, which you should too, as it’ll tell you what your chances are for being able to fit on in any given train) or the thought of being able to get somewhere with little effort. I think these things are marvelous and it’s wise to avail yourself of what’s available.

On the other hand it is terrifically selfish: here I am enjoying this, giving up a little bit of time that I could be spending with family or at work, but that’s also why I hit the first train: first train, first train, carve some time for yourself early in the day. To be honest I’m a little shocked the ridership numbers for this train are so low, although there are quite a few reasons why it is so, I suppose. Life is good. Do not fret. Now I’m starting to sound like those smug bastards I wanted to face-punch the other day: aren’t we awesome for making this choice? Yay for us! All right. I’ll have you know that it’s not usually so, but perhaps the lack of sleep has me a bit loopy.



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