Here Today

Dear J-

The new version of the Dark Sky weather app has an interesting weather animation: for light rain, the clouds have pink bellies, waiting offshore in rosy anticipation of what’s to come next. If I’d had that kind of pocket forecasting machine when I was in school there’s no telling how differently I might have packed instead of always (so it seemed) packing for worst-case survivalist schemes, assuming I’d have to trudge home in the worst conditions (here, I’d think, I’ll pack some tissues: not just for blowing my nose but also for tinder in case it comes down to that: there’ll be no eyeing stray dogs on my watch, thank you Jack London).

I’ve always liked the idea of a survival kit (and indeed, I think it may be genetic: I keep the small one my parents gave me in my regular bike bag). Here is what you need to survive and thrive, if it comes down to that; nothing more but critically, no less. I’d follow the memoirs of modern-day Crusoes like Stephen Callahan (Adrift) while mentally measuring my mettle against theirs. Would I be able? If it came down to it what would you be able to do? It then becomes not a test of desperation but rather motivation: how much do you want this? Can you deny the ease of giving up? I like to think I can but I never know for sure, do I?

I have to buy a trip out of here at the start of March, flying to Charlotte for three days of training and with any luck continued good fortune to find Golden Flake potato chips and other Southern staples. There’s a thousand things you could do instead of convincing yourself the buy button is all the choices you have but I fear if that’s what you think you need, that’s all you’ll fixate upon. Keep on going on. There’s something drifting forward and it’s not the way you think, it’s not what you think, it’s not. The trends you choose today become the habits of tomorrow. Remember!



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