Pass By

Dear J-

You can pretty much bank on getting from the intersection of Delaware and Monte Diablo to the Burlingame Caltrain station in ten minutes or so by bike, assuming the stoplights are in your favor. Along the way you pass through the graceful parts of south Burlingame and along a bit of the auto dealer’s strip along California Avenue — if there’s a more entertaining read in the early morning than the window stickers declaring all kinds of promises under the beads of dew I’ve yet to find it. Otherwise there’s plenty else to take care of while you’re riding along, finding your way in the early morning dark and gloom.

It’s supposed to rain starting tonight for the following twenty-four hours, which means I’ll have to find a way to tackle it or deal with it on the bike. My first inclination is to just ignore it but I know how much she hates me riding in the rain so I may end up walking instead, depending on how early I can wake myself up (fairly early? Kind of?) and how motivated I can be about not riding. It and all manner of things like it will be fine. If the biggest worry in my life is, as currently stated, trying to stay dry on a morning commute then I’m doing all right. Dry your whining eyes, as they would say.

The commute feels all right and is fairly sustainable except for having to figure out how it appears to my coworkers: there he goes again, right on time (or in my mind just off) to catch the train, right? It could be worse. You either look on your neighbors with envy or joy, or maybe some non-binary combination of the two: at least I’m not them / I wish I was. It’s not the things we have but the things we want, and right now we have more than enough, we have plenty of all you’d ever care to ask for, thank you very much, to stay prosperous and comfortable. Joy to the world, let men their songs employ. Puncture the night’s darkness and take happiness in what you have.



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