Love is Greater than Pride

Dear J-

According to the timer I finished another game of Yakuza in approximately eighteen hours total last night; along with the prior game I’d played through six or seven years ago (I’m pretty sure it was well before kids, in fact) that puts me at over forty hours total, so essentially one whole work week, spread out over who knows how many days and nights. I’ve sometimes wondered what happens to the time you invest in games and based on this last play-through I can confidently say that it has, in some way, interfered with other things I could have been doing, both positive and negative. For instance, I could have spent the time last night at the kitchen table trying to rekey the lock that I bought so that we can install a common key. Or — here’s a thought — I could have been shopping for stuff I don’t need, although I make sure to devote plenty of time to that already, perhaps.

Some of the things I haven’t bought include the world, the universe and love, perhaps. And while I might enjoy what I’ve bought in the past there’s no guarantees that it will all last; I think the past four months was very positive in telling me what I could live with and what I can do without. There’s several things that I could have had access to but on the whole I think we’ve done remarkably well in slimming down our lives; we just need to take the next most major step and prove what else we can live without. I think if you find your self-description as containing the term “collector” without qualifying it with something of general recognized value you might have issues like me.

I have sufficient games that I probably don’t need to get any more to play until the end of my days; on the other hand we’ve been playing, the kids and I, we’ve been playing the LEGO Harry Potter games and last night I made it not so fun for them and taught them poor life lessons to boot, getting frustrated at the game and driving them off in the process. You can learn from your mistakes, that’s all I ask: you do not need to be perfect, just willing to change and carrying a good dose of humility and patience. It’s a stupid pride thing, isn’t it? You make it better when you can learn to value your love over your pride.



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