Old Dogs

Dear J-

We have a lot of fun with eating out but I remember how little we did it while I was growing up, compounded by the fact that there just weren’t that many restaurants in Cheney. It did leave me with a few social fears about being in restaurants but multiple years of dating theVet and heading out most weekends put an end to that. I suppose you could characterize us as being regulars of certain establishments because of kid friendliness, proximity and reliability (the food is as you expect it, and not too delayed either) which makes us fall into certain ruts. When we were in San Diego we regularly patronized the Original Pancake House in Kearny Mesa despite seeing our bills go up every few months because of the service.

There are few things quite the same as that for us here, but we’re starting to figure out different ways to feed the same habits. I’m not sure how positive a development that is, honestly; on the micro scale, it’s finding restaurants that plug in for here’s a weekend lunch place, there’s a dinner rotation we can agree on, while on the macro scale I wonder if we’ll just fall into our old habits and behaviors again. For now it’s okay to kick back on the weekends and stay busy but eventually I’ll have to start doing more maintenance on the house, we’ll have to spend more constructive time working at home and doing chores more regularly. I’m trying to think of it as being Ridge-related: this is where you live, let’s take care of it together as part of a regular committment.

We learn from what we did before. We learn from experiences, which include mistakes and successes. That much we can guarantee. Otherwise we might as well keep trying the same things over and over with the same results to be obtained every time. Does that sound like a good plan? Our old habits are reliable and familiar, and if we don’t like where they went last time it’s high time we changed them. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?



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