Dear J-

For some reason I have a song from Rubber Rodeo in my head this morning: just a souvenir, just a silly little souvenir. In the nearly a week span of time since the last entry we have moved house, found the stuff we had in storage (mostly books and my junk; I can’t imagine needing it again, too) and discovered all sorts of things about the house that we might not have known before: low pressure in the shower head (I think it may need to be cleaned), grout peeling up in the kitchen … but you know what? It’s all good. We set the kids up in a room together, just like the apartment, and I did so because the room is so much nicer: more light, more space, more of everything you would want in a room for kids.

Last night I took off from work early and we met up at Belmont Iceland for skating with Girl Scouts; that was quite satisfying for everything but hockey stops, as I suspect the rentals I got (having given away my old skates in the move) weren’t quite rockered enough — or I wasn’t brave enough. Still, I took a couple of hard spills (one of which may have traumatized the boy) and the hardest part of the skating was remembering what it was my feet wanted to do — or were supposed to do. Clumsy at first, but eventually with greater and more avid enthusiasm. You forget how tight the boots are until you crank down on them and I think I might lace up the roller skates I kept, y’know?

It’s been a while since we were in a house but it feels more natural than the apartment already; now I just need to figure out the repinning of things and rekeying and all the myriad things that keep us falling forward into the morass of money that we don’t have. Work has picked up again as far as effort goes and I’m happy to be busy; it was nice to take a break over the holidays and the past week but this is much better for everyone involved. with any luck the NRC website will be back up so that I can do sufficient research into more nuclear plants and take a stab at … things. It feels a bit like grad school again: let’s go down this path. Do we know what we might find?



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