Always On

Dear J-

The Lightning Seeds followed up Pure with Life of Riley. First, the Lightning Seeds: more or less a one-hit band, not that I claim to have any real knowledge of bands and music, but I do remember (hey, I was there) when Pure came out — almost aggressively retro by that point, synth-y pop-y syrup. Besides which I don’t remember much of the followup, either, other than the structure and the hook: “and that’s the life … of Riley” … things happen, and that’s life. I thought at the time it seemed like an awfully passive way to approach life: things happen, and we move on from them. Accept it. Deal with it. Live with it, more like.

In one of those strange twists we found out from a school mailing list that figgy goes to the same school as one of our friends from college, who we didn’t remember was in the Bay Area. Here you go, coincidence. How does that feel, how is that working for you? I suppose it’s not so shocking — there are several Mandarin programs in the area, and if you’re serious you’ll move to where the schools take you — but I like the small-world connectedness of it all; it makes me appreciate Larry McMurtry’s small Texas universe and perhaps coincidences aren’t so coincident if you consider we were all trained the same (and raised similarly to boot), so perhaps it’s our environment coming home to roost.

We have a lot left to pack and comparatively little room to do it in. I suppose we are fated to be packing madly tomorrow, so I should accept that and move on from being so lazy instead, but I still would like to get some of the softer goods moved (clothes in bags, food, slippers) so that the house feels more like a home, and sooner rather than later. We’ll have to find some way to lay out the new living room to take advantage of the light in the space; I’ll have to figure out how to get more light into the house too. One bite at a time, one bit at a time, as we have since September; not a sprint but a marathon. Long haul. But ever forward, too.


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