Amazing Tomorrow

Dear J-

At one point after the arguments of last night I told figgy we need to be kind to each other because … and I trailed off before adding something about the situation: things are in flux again, money is being spent, a nice day was had, we are all family, you name it, there’s a reason. Sure. But this is something you don’t need to qualify. We need to be kind to each other because we need to be kind to each other. It’s the right thing to do: consider if this is how you want to be leading your life. Do you want to keep throwing out the phrase “you always …” or “you never …”? How is that a fair argument if you’re dredging up stuff in your head to bash everyone with? Here’s where I recognize and acknowledge the tremendous work of Dave Dornan, whose Conflict Jiujitsu keeps informing me long after the rest of those classes has passed.

It’s the same thing as learning continuously: if you’re done learning, you’re done, right? You learn because it’s the right thing to do, and because it informs everything you do. Be kind to others because they’re your family, or because they’re not, or because you can be, you can afford to be kind. What a generous lesson to impart, to show by example that patience and kindness win in the end. You do not work to impress the next stranger that comes along, and you do not have an inexhaustible account of goodwill with those you’ve already impressed (or haven’t, in my case). You will get tired, and crabby, and miserable, and wretched because you get tired, and miserable, and wretched at some point. You can only hope that the kindness you extend is returned in kind when you need it.

Make the micro loan today. Hold a door open. Say bless you. Excuse yourself for something you didn’t do. Give a dollar or two. Applaud. Be grateful. Give compliments: you smell terrific today, or wow, your new haircut is awesome. Awesome. Let’s go out to eat, my treat. Let me do that for you. Thank you for today. Thank you for yesterday. Thanks in advance, for tomorrow: I know it will be even better than today. Presume best intentions, and don’t be a victim of your circumstances. The positive energy you feed into the world can only come back to you, and even if it’s not immediate, be thrilled with everything you already have: today was a good day, tomorrow will be amazing.




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