Run Around

Dear J-

Well, into the gap we go: we’ve got our offer out on the house we were watching this weekend and what I think is a pretty compelling letter (Bay Area real estate being what it is, you have to be competitive by showing up with good financing, no contingencies and a personal letter detailing why you’re a good fit for the house). It’s funny how calculated everything is: you end up checking out your prospective sellers to see if there’s some kind of connection to be made (our agent mentioned yesterday that the father and daughter co-trustees were retired law enforcement and a lawyer, respectively — confirming what I’d googled just slightly earlier that day, but I didn’t mention any connection aside from the fact that we have a family too).

I’m pretty excited but I know there’s a lot to be done on this house based on the inspection report furnished by the sellers, a veritable smorgasbord of weekend and monthlong projects that with any luck I can convince the kids are fun to do with me. We keep having to remind ourselves not to count our chickens before they’re hatched but we’ve already seen the scene: quiet street, teaching your kids to ride bikes, walks to the park and proximity to the Bay (whether that’s a good thing or not, flood zones being what they are here) we’re hoping our suit is successful and the apartment situation is more temporary than we thought going in to the move. I am a bit disappointed in myself though.

Ideally I’d have been able to provide for my family in that all the fun stuff we got to do before in San Diego — swim lessons, daycare, season passes, weekend day trips — we’d carry over with no changes up north, no extra work and no major hassles. On the other hand though theVet speaks of things we’ve lost I know we would probably have lost them if we had stayed too: this job is better — more challenging — and the pay cut was less severe, though that’s a little like saying the salt in your ice cream wasn’t too bad. Things would have had to change any way moving forward unless I stayed at Edison and I didn’t honestly see how that was possible.

I spoke with a couple of my friends yesterday and learned we’re all moving on and moving forward with lives and careers; I’m relieved and unsurprised we landed on our feet running. Keep moving forward.



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