Repeat Repeat

Dear J-

Fate writ large in the stars: I don’t think it’s going to get less cold by any means over the next few weeks. Whereas in San Diego we might have turned to pursuits indoors here I’m not sure what to do (where do you go?) or if we have adequate clothing (for the first time since Davis I’m regretting not having more wool; you can never have too much wool, I think, especially those pants I had which would have made a nice pair to wear on the bike). If the fates have decreed it, then that’s the way it’s going to be here: winter is coming. I’d forgotten. There are several items I will need at some point: heavier gloves, ear covers, and hopefully a rain cape. theVet worries about riding in the rain; as long as I have another change of pants I’m pretty sure I can handle it.

I know it’s not cold in the sense that it’s unlikely to snow, we’re not in any danger of freezing given that we have heat in the apartment and a place to live, but still, I’m amused that figgy came up to me yesterday and wanted to let me know — urgently — that when she got to school there was ice on the ground. Oh, I know and yes, life is different here. I’m coming around to the notion that it was a great thing to have to move and uproot the children, but that may be because everything so far has worked out: job, school, living situation. We are spoiled for getting things done, thanks to theVet’s tireless efforts to marshall our forces and get us moving in the right direction all days. As early as I get up she gets up just moments later, it seems: I’m pretty sure I’m sleeping in too late lately, lured by the warm bed against the chill of the morning and the promise of a new day.

We have super-special VIPs visiting this week at work, so there’s no time to slack off, right? I need to write down some more on my big list of things to do while I still remember, and stay busy, not sleepy like I have been. You fall into the bad habits you remember from old workplaces; you challenge the good nature and patience of supervisors by not choosing wisely your time management. I keep having to remind myself that it’s a competitive situation out there: there’s lots to be done and you don’t have the goodwill built up over multiple years of not slacking, so why would you not spend as much time as possible getting it done right? It feels like every week about this time I have to have the same conversation with myself, and frankly I’m getting sick of it.



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