Terrible Coach Speech

Dear J-

I’ll tell myself that I’m overjoyed there’s so many people who want to ride their bikes in the morning, which makes it easier for me to be shuffling bikes around the rack early on. If you were … there’s so many ways to answer that, aren’t there? If I lived here. If I commuted there. If … but there’s only so many scenarios you can play out in your head before the exercise plays out. I know there are chess people who can think many moves deep and anticipate the best outcome but I’ve never been particularly good at that, and so I end up drifting off into huge flights of fancy, thinking that what’s potential is real, what’s possible has happened, and we’ve been where we said we’d go.

In my mind’s eye we’ve already moved in and settled into a new neighborhood, we’ve met our neighbors and said hello and how fun to them. I recognize the feeling of how much I want that house in the doubt and fears that seize me as soon as I walk out of pawnshops and thrift stores and spend the time to research that particular gadget or toy I’d seen: you can get that much for such a price? Or worse, how rare it might be. When we were at the open house yesterday we were intimidated by the number of people coming through, even if it was only the neighbors; there’s other people with kids and I don’t know how you bring out your unique selling points in a letter designed to make you stand out from the rest. They start accepting offers on Wednesday and we have time to deal, I suppose.

In the ten years since we last bought a house (oh, we do this SO often, don’t we?) the process has gotten codified and disclosed to within an inch of its life; I’ve forwarded the disclosure package (all 150-some odd pages of forms and inspection reports) to myself for later perusal and we’ll be as appropriately aggressive as we should be for a competitive suit. It’s strange how it feels like a game and I suppose there’s some energy and/or thrill to be derived from that, but as now I’m not terribly excited. This is supposed to be a relatively slack time in the market and I hesitate to think what it will be like in a few months during a busy time. This is where we’ve chosen to hang our hats, at least for now, and this is where we make our stand.


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