Weak Done

Dear J-

The other morning I spooked a deer near downtown San Mateo: she was coming up the sidewalk when my headlights hit her and she clattered away in a confusion of hooves while I swung wide around. Before that the last time I saw a deer was back on Camp Pendleton territory, when we’d take our long lunches walking around on the other side of the fence at SONGS, meaning it’s been at least six years since we saw that one come crashing through the brush across the dirt road in front of us. My first instinct is to marvel and goggle at how wonderful this all is — take that, urban San Diego — but I also see portents in everything, down to sidewalk cracks and mothers’ backs, so I wonder if that’s at play here too.

We’re slowly getting rid of old habits: I got rid of the bike I don’t ride (much to theVet’s relief) and we’re not saying “back in San Diego” as often as when we first got here. It’s hard to consider that we’ve been here barely three months; how much have we squeeze in between here and September? One move. Sold house. New job. New school. One birthday (Calcifer, three and his first party that he got to enjoy). How much more can we do? Buy house, move again, keep shedding stuff. There’s a keyboard in my bag that says I’m a liar, but at least it’s on its way to work and not remaining at home. That’s an improvement right? I’ll have three keyboards to go with my three trackballs in case I grow four extra arms. Part of me is dismayed to see the cluttering take over again, but the consequence is … well, something I don’t need. Yup.

It’s Friday, which leaves us with a lot to deal with this weekend, even starting tonight. Holiday train is coming through San Mateo on Sunday night; there’s the open house that day too. It’s supposed to be raining tonight through tomorrow morning, and that’s going to be interesting, in a may-you-live-in-interesting-times way. I’m still a bit intimidated by the rain but hopefully with the help of some wool and a rain cape I can get over that, although I sometimes wonder if I should be spending more time worrying about what people at the office think or if I’m not inadvertently taking and taking and taking some more (as typical, obliviously). Another week done and we’re moving forward, again.



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