Drive Time

Dear J-

Well, so much for that hypothesis. I suspected that train engines were paired up with types of cars on Caltrain, but engine # 916 “California” was paired up with some of the Nippon Sharyo cars headed north on a pusher for San Francisco, train # 101 this morning. I’d ridden on pullers with # 916 paired up with Bombardier cars before. I will not take it as an omen. It’s a pretty strange feeling to work on these high vacation days (i.e. people extending long weekends at little vacation cost: tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and they might be traveling today … or arriving … or I dunno, let them all enjoy their time together, so long as the commute today isn’t bad.

The more I look for stuff to buy the more stuff I find to buy. You don’t realize it yet, of course, but there’s a crap ton of stuff out there waiting to be paired up with the right buyer. Sometimes I see it as a noble calling: well, if not for me that might end up in the trash! — and other times I’m wracked by guilt that I have no clue what I’m doing, I’m overpaying (probably true) for stuff that isn’t really necessary. A third trackball is on its way thanks to staying up late. Let that sink in for a while. They were all cheap, true, but for that amount of money I could have gotten something new, not to mention shelling out for possibly a better model. But remember, if I wasn’t looking I wouldn’t be tempted.

I’m not sure but it looks like no rain for the weekend and beyond, so there’s hope yet for trying to grind through four days of fun and togetherness. I also need to figure out when we plan to meet up in Fremont for dinner. If you think of the Bay Area as being city by city then things feel small but once you start thinking about it as being some megalopolis with nominal city boundaries then it feels a lot more sprawling in nature. It would be nice to have the kids ride on the train to find places to go but then … they’ll be kids on a train. I dunno. I always liked riding public transit when I was small, but part of that may have been the relief of getting on and in on time, not missing buses, knowing where you’d be at the end of the line.

Random thoughts today. Thanks for sticking around.



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