Tactile Sensation

Dear J-

If some are good then more is not always better. More words in a succinct report? What, are they paying you by the word? I read HP Lovecraft now and it takes an effort to get into it and digest the prose, as he was one who was paid by the word. Other case in point: I picked up a third used trackball last night, having stayed up late to do so. Because, that’s why. Two I could maybe see as being one backup for another but three is right out, isn’t it? It’s one of those things they tell you: buying something because it’s a good buy, not because you need it or can use it: that’s a sign of a clutterer, isn’t it? First, though, let me explain why.

When I started work two jobs ago (how often and when should you use the phrase “two jobs ago?”) I was assigned a computer which had been used by the person I was replacing — I was replacing her, her being Ramona, so thoroughly, in fact, that my nickname was “Mikamona” which may have been a turning point for portmanteaus in my life. The only issue I had with the computer was trying to scrub off the keyboard, as it was apparent my predecessor had worn a lot of makeup. A LOT. If there was this much on the touching surfaces (the keys and mouse, both pink instead of the standard ivory/beige of the typical mid-90s computer box) then I didn’t want to know how much was left on her face. Thus I asked for and got the only sealed-in-package items left in the supply closet: a Microsoft Natural Keyboard and a Logitech Marble Mouse.

The MNK I could take or leave but I adored that mouse: when I went to a new job it was one of the first things I asked for, and when it died (left-click button failure) I was quite aggrieved when I learned I couldn’t get another one. I know that I could technically ask for one at work but it’s also one of the reasons I end up bringing my own pens and pencils in: paranoia that I might not be able to get it again, sheer paranoia and useless, baseless fear. Plus if I’m going to be touching it, I might as well be touching nicer things, right? When I can, that is.



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