Long Ride

Dear J-

All the interesting ideas I have in the night I never seem to bother to write down and by the time I’m writing I’ve it forgotten them. Plus I left my keyboard in the other bag so it’s down to tap tapping for me right now. Excuses. I have them. There’s a lot of shoulda I can think of. I should have sat in the north car of this train, that’s closer to my platform exit. Should spend more time taking and uploading pictures. See how that works?

At least I’m trying to control my spending, which is hard given that I’m now feeling like money is coming in and the house situation is reasonably stable (here’s a hint: until you have a house it’s not). I don’t need that watch. Let’s leave it at that, and working it into the rotation would be difficult, so stop asking. My other initial instinct is to think about more bike stuff and that’s not too unreasonable is it? Need versus want. It’s supposed to rain today and I feel strange without a bike.



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