Right Time

Dear J-

What is happening next? There’s unfortunately little in my head on Monday mornings, after a long weekend spent ultimately doing nothing much: hang out with kids, find places to eat, play some games, try to stay out of everyone’s way. We should be another week closer to closing on selling the house: I suppose that’s the important thing at the moment and after that we have the chore of looking for a new place and then moving. Maybe. It’s been a long journey so far and I remember saying or discussing at one point it would be nice to fast forward a couple of months, to have the moving chores and home/real estate paperwork out of the way. Get done. Be done.

I don’t know if that’s the right attitude, though: we mark time and wait for this to be over and then look forward to … well, what? I know I’ve talked about the expression “killing time” but aren’t we really doing something more insidious: killing our time? Let’s make this go faster, and maybe we’ll get … I dunno. How much can you really expect to feel, the accomplishment of having gotten to level X, unlocking a new achievement and saying to someone well yes, you are the Nth ranked player in that game. If the story is worth exploring then that’s one thing but if all you’re doing is marking off chunks of time then it’s quite another, isn’t it?

Define your ambition not through what you might be able to get done but by what your legacy is going to be. If all everyone ever says of you is that you’re inoffensive and never had time for anyone but yourself then that’s one thing, but there should be something less bloodless than that, don’t you think? If I don’t have enough time for the kids then I’m not doing it right.



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