Surfeit Situation

Dear J-

Well, we’ve got another weekend in and we’ve survived for now, about to tackle the new reality of dealing with another work week. Already? I’m glad to be getting back to the concept of short weekends; it makes the rest of the week worth it to know what’s ahead for us. And next weekend? And the next? I owe it to everyone to have a better attitude; there’s no living with the overly crabby. These things we do are and should be fun so why not spend some time to invest in we and ours rather than I or me? Live it up, kids.

I dunno. You go off balance like this and it’s not just a matter of catching your equilibrium again; you want to know if that’s something you really want going forward. A safe life? A quiet life? Maybe next weekend we can take advantage of living here and find some place we can all enjoy, but I fear the inevitable boredom/entitlement. Let’s go there all the time. Let’s never go there again. There is no such thing as too much, or enough is not enough. Being off balance means scrambling but it can also bring unexpected joy as you are willing to try new things without second-guessing: oh, we could have done that instead. You’re left with a “why not” and that’s perfect.

You have to balance the discomfort and insecurity with realizing how many opportunities you have now. Life is wonderful. Not just good: wonderful. If you choose not to see the wonder in it then I can’t help you but let’s face it: where else could you spend time complaining that 10 C is freezing, that arts and culture are train rides away, that the more time you spend with family can be so rewarding? No doubt something will happen to make me sour on it but I can’t think of another place I’d rather be right now, and that’s more than enough. Plenty.



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