Weekends Lately

Dear J-

One of the things I need to remember is how long the weekends can seem with the kids hanging around all. the. time. I do like spending time with them, but … yeah, that but is a weasel word. It’s not easy, and theVet is a saint for putting up with it. So yesterday I took them to the library, where they promptly decided not to listen to me and ran around in conduct unbecoming. Later we went to buy a bike (a nice used Trek) as the whole reason for a folding bike got obviated the moment we — the vanpool WE — switched cars so that I wasn’t folding and storing. In retrospect I should have fixed up my old bike, the one that actually fit, but this one will do and do nicely as well.

The kids. I suppose we haven’t earned enough of their respect (c’mon, they’re kids: how much do you need) but I remember turning corners, lost in reading all the cereal boxes’ backs and not seeing my mother, that initial queasy panic that I was lost and alone. Thinking that would teach them a lesson, I walked over and hid in the library at one point yesterday. That’ll show them, right? That I’m going, and if you don’t listen, you’ll get left behind? A couple of minutes later and I’m looking for them instead. It’s hard to insist that you have to do this before we can have fun, but they know on some instinctive level that we aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll take advantage of it.

The whole idea or concept of “I’m serious, you’d better listen this time” doesn’t seem to enter their heads. Perhaps it’s laughing at their antics, which only inspires more running-around-crazy action, and we need to spend more time outdoors at play. We’re getting there, and we’re going to be fine.



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