Super Duper. Every boy deserves a cape.

Super Duper. Every boy deserves a cape. by mliu92
Super Duper. Every boy deserves a cape., a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Well, the last pieces are seeming to fall into place. We may yet bid adieu to San Diego in the space of a few bare weeks; funny to think that three months ago everything seemed on a straight-line trajectory to retirement and settlement. That’s what you get for being too complacent, I guess.

Today I learned not to give up before trying. If you’ve convinced yourself it can’t be done the effort spent arguing with yourself may be more fruitfully spent working to try it and/or get it done. There’s an awful lot of stuff lying around the house, and rather than convince myself it can’t be moved to give the appearance of less clutter, I might as well see what can be gotten rid of (answer: most, if not all; how often have I touched that, for instance? Film cameras? Old video game systems?).

The other lesson today was the effort of self-righteous indignation (I’m slow on my cultural trends, so I didn’t pick up on the character of Khan Noonien Singh being completely whitewashed in the new Star Trek movie). I have my own problems with JJ Abrams helming Trek (primarily as he’s a non-fan, and doesn’t feel a need to respect the materials, instead tapping into subconscious laddie-mag delights and lens flares) and I began to wonder the energy and effort I’ve put into that exhaustive research — what if I’d … instead? Anything, really. Looked for a job. Worked on the house. Spent some time on a presentation for an interview. Researched for an interview on Friday. This leisure time is killing me.



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