Tombstone Control. Tiny tots self defense.

Tombstone Control. Tiny tots self defense. by mliu92
Tombstone Control. Tiny tots self defense., a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Read it carelessly and you hear “tiny tots self defense” which could either be kids learning to help themselves or us, girding against a possible attack of ankle-biters.

I own games for systems I don’t have, much as I have lenses that don’t fit my cameras, things hanging out idly (the kids tonight were fighting over a Palm Tungsten T and a Sony Clie) and I’m still worried that I don’t have enough: this is the nature of stuff. It will never be enough, so long as I keep pretending I derive joy, not terror from new useless things.

Step by step: has it only been a week since I interviewed in the Bay Area? How are things coming back into control and/or focus as I get ready for the next few interviews? Nothing is assured, and I need to apply myself directly.



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