Tape Down 0334

Tape Down 0334 by mliu92
Tape Down 0334, a photo by mliu92 on Flickr.

Dear J-

Today we made the ocean, in a bottle (actually two). And if losing my job (I’m sorry, “experienced an involuntary loss of employment”) has done anything, it’s made me hyper-aware of how much money we bleed on a regular basis. So here I am mentally ticking up sand and glitter and food coloring and … well, then I remember how much I spend for me as I look down at my wrist and one of my too many watches.

Meanwhile one of the potential jobs is trying to play hardball with me — hey, we gave you an offer and typically we give a week to decide, but you need to decide tomorrow. Yup. Sounds like a terrible problem to have, right, take our job — but as theVet points out, they probably realize I’d have better offers on the table and are trying to lock me up. It’s flattering, but I should know soon if I do have something better, and I’m not convinced it’ll work after having them string me along for weeks on end, endless weeks of not knowing.

So think of this as a celebration, keeping cautious watch over the future and hoping an ideal situation presents itself soon. I have mischaracterized the SFUSD in my mind as well, meaning all is not rosy in moving and keeping figgy’s spot in a Mandarin immersion program. So we keep scrambling, hoping to find a better way soon.



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